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Fees are a donation to non-profit 501c3 Starlent, to continue providing access to state of the art training, resources and education
in the performing arts and the business of the entertainment industry for youth age 8-17.
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Due to limited space we have implemented a strict no refund policy.

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Welcome to Starlent

Welcome to Starlent the premiere place for developing mega talent. Our students receive training from highly acclaimed coaches as well as advice and tips from celebrities and industry leaders.

At Starlent you are trained to excel in the entertainment industry on the stage and prepared to make good choices off the stage when signing contracts and managing your successful career.

This exceptional program is FREE. We select our students through an audition process. All you need to do is register and prepare an impressive audition piece and claim one of the coveted spots at Starlent.

Audition Requirements/Tips

Your audition piece should be NO MORE than 1 minute in length.

Auditioning always involves a certain amount of stress and tension. The best way for you to respond to the demands of this situation is to:
  • Arrive early and give yourself time to prepare mentally and emotionally for your audition
  • Select and prepare your monologue, song or dance routine as far in advance as you can
  • Choose material which you understand both intellectually and emotionally
  • Stay with characters/songs/routines close to your own age range
  • You must memorize the monologue/song/routine
  • If using music be sure your CD is ready (bring 2 copies as a safety measure)
  • For music producers and songwriters bring a CD labeled with your name, contact information and producer or song writer
Come with a positive attitude
Our ideal candidate demonstrates a natural ability to act, sing or dance (or all three), has a positive attitude and responds readily to coaching.

Good luck and remember: we are trying to make this experience as relaxed for you as we possibly can.
Type of photos to submit

Please submit a current picture of one of the following:

Please provide Snapshots/Polaroids that show very clear headshot and full length images. Please limit your make-up. The size of both photographs must not exceed 2MB. Make sure to include your contact information.